5 Tips for Luxury Home Stagers

Whether you are a real estate agent or a home stager, breaking into the luxury market is not at all an easy task. After all, the strategies and perceptions that you use for luxury homes, slightly differ from the homes that fall in the average market price. One of the obvious reasons being that luxury homes have a lot more space and needs to be staged, and at times there are unique rooms that you need to bring to life.

Selling a luxury home requires a staging strategy more than most type of other homes that you made a deal with. So, creating a process to stage luxury homes will be vital to contributing to your success in your home staging business.

There are five tips that home stagers should keep in mind when it comes to staging luxury homes.

Stay Neutral

Generally, neutral colors are often the best options to choose when painting a room in the house. This is especially true for luxury homes as it allows other accents in the house to be able to highlight visuals for the buyer who visit the home. Mixing in vibrant colors or dark colors have a higher possibility of repelling buyers than the neutral colored rooms do.

Focus on the Amenities

The perks of a luxury home should always be highlighted to generate interest for home buyers, by knowing what can help make the home stand out. Keeping the focus on unique amenities in the home will draw the attention of buyers to keep a list of highlighted features on the top of their minds. This is especially helpful for buyers who are seeing many homes that they are considering to purchase, to ensure that the home you’re staging does not get lost in the shuffle. Luxury homes need to focus on the additions of a home rather than the minimum requirements. This is where the understanding of wants versus needs of a buyer in a home comes in. For example, the needs of a buyer could include requiring three bedrooms, while the want in a home could include a particular scenery or a swimming pool in the backyard.

Scents that Make Sense

The scent of a home can make a big difference, regardless of the size that you’re working with. Staging is just not about visuals, it is also about the overall impression that a buyer would receive when they walk into a home. The scent of a home would fall into the category of the impression that they receive, which can help elevate a buyer’s impression of a home, especially in the luxury market. A particular scent can also trigger certain memories long after the buyer has left the home. The basic aspect of the scent of a home should be one that is clean and fresh, but also to consider taking it a step further. Spray a mist that is not too strong, but adds the subtle difference, which can contribute to the overall theme of a luxury home. When you walk into the luxury home for the first time, take note of the scent that you smell in the house. It takes an individual up the four minutes to become used to a scent so the first few minutes will be crucial to making the right impression.

Bright Spaces

Creating the right lighting will generate an inviting energy when buyers walk through the door to tour the home. Spaces mean that you have to first declutter certain areas and invite in the natural light as much as possible. For rooms that have big windows, you want to create a focal point for a buyer to draw their attention to these windows when they first walk into a room. The staging furniture or accents need to highlight the best feature of a room, so creating a strategy surrounding big windows, if it is the best feature of the room, will be important while staging a luxury home. Keep in mind that, less can actually be more.

Understand Your Buyer Persona

Just like any home, a luxury home may not be right for every individual. You need to understand who your buyer persona will be and stage the home accordingly, to highlight the life surrounding a potential buyer. For example, some luxury homes may be a great fit for families, while other luxury properties may be a great fit for professionals or young couples. One way to determine the buyer persona is to understand the surroundings of the luxury homes where they are located in. This includes understanding the nearby schools, the neighbors, local businesses, and the overall demographics of the neighborhood. This does not mean that you need to alienate other buyers only, but focus on your buyer persona.

Keep in mind though, that who the typical buyer for the particular luxury home you are staging would be. Taking into account our previous example, a buyer persona with a family may look out for certain features in a home such as a large backyard, a patio, or even an entertainment room. Staging does not only happen inside the house, but exterior staging a front yard or backyard will be as equally important when highlighting the best features of a luxury home.


Staging of luxury home will require a little more strategy and understanding of the space that you have, versus the buyer persona you are after, to help drive the sale of the home . It also requires your main staging strategies as your base, plus a new series of strategies to focus on the details of a luxury home. Luxury homes, on average, also spend more time on the market than a home on sale for the average price in your particular location. This is something that you will need to account for in your staging services when it comes to furniture, time, and costs associated and staging a luxury home. Remember to take before and after pictures prior to starting your staging so you can also build your portfolio of work to increase opportunities for your staging services in the luxury market.

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