Why Home Staging Lays The Foundation Of Every Real Estate Marketing Campaign

Marketing campaign for a home seller will be one of the most crucial aspects to sell the home in less time and get more profit from the sale. The heart of every marketing campaign, whether it is print marketing, such as brochures and flyers, or online advertisement, relies on the staging skills used.

“Over 60% of the population are visual learners, with the other 40% being auditory and kinesthetic.”

Understanding that the majority of the population response to visual more than they do other forms of information is going to add a lot of value to a home sellers marketing campaign. Regardless of whether a home seller is marketing a home on their own, or if a real estate agent is selling it on their behalf, implementing home staging services will serve as a vital piece to attract buyers.

Specifically for online marketing, statistics show that,

“Approximately 92% of all home buyers begin their search online.”

The images used to draw and retain the attention of home buyers will be the first step into converting that potential lead into a client. Essentially a home stager adds the very first layer of foundation to any marketing strategy.

The purpose of visually appealing a home to the buyer, is to draw enough attention to get multiple buyers to visit the home. Creating more exposure for the home, will lead to more potential buyers, and if the specifics are correct, can also lead to multiple offers.

We’re going to stick to a classic saying and say that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ This is relevant to home stagers as you’re selling a story to sell the emotion of the home rather than the specifics of the home. This is is known as ‘right brain, left brain marketing.’

The importance of understanding what left brain, right brain marketing is crucial while home staging as it is the marketing in which without getting into the specifics of marketing, the buyers in any industry purchase based on emotions and justify it with logic later. This is one of the most tremendous values that home stagers add as as they help to sell a home through visuals which are appealing to buyers.

Now with every buyer, certain features such as space, the potential of the lifestyle they could be having, is going to be very important regarding the sale of the house. Understanding the stats and the way that the industry has shifted regarding online purchases and ease of access to searches in their neighbourhood is a validation of why staging is incredibly essential. This is how powerful visuals can be; it provides an insight on what a buyer’s life could look like for themselves and their family through the photos that are offered.

Having the ability to imagine themselves – having breakfast, cooking dinner, sitting around with the family in the living room, will add a compelling reason to explore a home further to narrow down their choices when it comes to purchasing a home. Every great home stager is essentially a storyteller of what life could look like. Drawing upon these emotions and stimulating something inside of the buyer’s psychology, is the foundation of marketing.

When staging a home, some rooms are going to be vital for marketing pieces. This includes the standard places such as the kitchen, bathrooms, living room, master bedroom, and backyards. For professional stagers to understand their contribution to marketing, it’s going to be essential to have those visuals and angles in mind when photos of the property are taken. Home stagers can also offer to take professional pictures for marketing purposes, or that could be something that is up to the real estate agent or home seller. Providing an overall snapshot of a home that flows well together and highlights the best features of the home will be significant.

For instance, having some aspects in different rooms complement one another is going to help capture and maintain the attention of the buyer. For example, let’s create the scenario of a potential buyer browsing through photos of a home online. The first three photos of the home are relatively the same, regarding room colour, individual styles of furniture, and the lighting of the rooms. If all of a sudden a potential buyer reaches the fourth picture and they see a bright green place, that looks out of place compared to the previous photos, the mindset of a buyer shifts back into logic, rather than emotion, diminishing the appeal of the home.

Consistency in these photos is going to be a determining factor. Specifically, when it comes to online marketing, providing approximately 9 photos when listing the home is sufficient to draw any buyers to take the next action to come see the home.

Generally, this is what real estate agents want – an opportunity to talk and connect to these potential buyers. Providing too much, or too little, photos is not going to help with the strategy. So, home stagers need to take this under consideration when they’re staging a home and targeting specific rooms of a home the buyers are typically interested in looking at.

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