5 Basic Steps To Staging A Luxury Home

From a marketing standpoint, staging plays an integral part in the sale of a luxury home.


Because it’s absolutely vital to make the home as much attractive as possible before a potential sale so that you can actually make money off your investment.

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So as a staging business owner, you need to understand the situation your clients are in. You need to cater to their needs and provide them with a solution – one which they would be willing to consider.

For starters, they have invested a lot of money into buying the property and now when they’re looking to sell it off, they would absolutely love to have more in return for the time and money they have put into the place.

So how can you help?

Let’s take a look at the situation on hand. Your client has a lot at stake and is willing to trust you to make this deal better for them.

No need to be overwhelmed from the situation at hand. It’s time to take a deep breath, relax, and consider your options.

There are many things you can do with the property at hand depending on your clients likes and dislikes, needs and wants. However, there a few basic steps to staging a luxury home that you should always keep in mind.

Let’s go through them.

#1 – Maintaining A Neutral Color Scheme

Different people like different colors, it is different from person to person. Your client might like something while you like something else. However, both your opinions don’t really matter once you take into consideration what the potential buyer is going to like.

So what do you do?

You go neutral on the color scheme. Maintain neutral shades all across the place so that the potential buyers can imagine themselves living in the house.

Why can’t you go with vibrant colors?

In my years of experience, I have noted that the vibrant colors are potentially creating a bad impression for the place so in order to stage your client’s home in the best way possible, it’s advised that you stay away from vibrant colors.

#2 – Every Room Has To Be Staged

I know you don’t usually do that with a property. However, this is not one of your normal everyday properties. It’s a luxury home so the staging effort being put in has to be off the calibre.

So while you’re staging a luxury home, make sure to give every room equal attention because a luxury home buyer will definitely be considering every room before paying the good money your client is asking for.

Every room will have a different look and feel – you just need to keep in mind to create that overall feel for the property so the visitors really actually feel at home.

#3 – Luxurious Amenities Need To Be Exhibited

What is different about a luxury home from a conventional property? It always has so much to offer – thus more opportunity to play around with while you’re staging the property.

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It makes sense. Right?

Well, a property such as a luxury home is bound to have a cinema, a patio, or even an outdoor entertainment place.

Your job as a stager is to make sure all these amenities are highlighted for the potential buyers so that they don’t just overlook them to being just included in the property but instead are willing to pay the asking amount.

Simply put,

The amenities in a luxury home shall be highlighted in a way that they justify the asking price of a home Click To Tweet

#4 – Make the Place Smell Attractive

Now you must be thinking, I am crazy. Well, not exactly, because I can tell you for sure that good smells are attractive.

Let me put you into a scenario, let’s say you’re going out for a coffee and you have two places to choose from with two different smells. Are you more likely to go into a place that actually smells like coffee, you know the aroma of it? Or are you going to enter the other place that has the smell of rotten tomatoes?

Numero 1, right?

Well, as a stager your job is to do the same when you’re staging a home. You need to make the place smell attractive to create a home like experience for the potential buyers so that you’re able to get the deal for your client.

But, there is this one thing that you need to keep in mind while doing that. Don’t overdo it as some people are allergic to too much scent or certain scents. So, you need to be wary of that.

#5 – Brighten It UP

Bright is right, bright is welcoming. And, your job as a staging expert for the luxury home will not be complete without brightening up the place before an open house or the property visit.

Once you have the bright and lit up place, it creates the right energy needed to create that welcoming environment for the visitors. Always remember, spacing and lighting are always going to be the two most important factors for the sale of a luxury property you have got on your hands.

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When the potential buyer enters the home, he should be entertained with the warm welcoming environment and must be greeted with captivating energy. Try to update your lights with brighter ones and decorate the walls with mirrors to enhance the beauty, it will also be helpful to fill up the empty spaces and will give a luxurious look to your home. It will also be counted in high end home staging.

Rounding Things Up

Even if you are staging a luxury home, you’re going to have to deal with all kinds of customers. They could be young couples, single people, or even a big family. It’s your job to potentially create a persona for the client you’re going to be looking at and then devise your staging strategy and implement it considering that.

Locations, demographics, and the placement of the property is always going to play an important role into the kind of audience you’re looking at. You need to cater to all of that and basically stage a place according to the crowd you’re going to get.

However, it’s always going to be critical that you create the right environment, get the spacing, and the right lighting to highlight the right features of a property to get the deal your client desires.

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